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About Us

Who we are ?

Our vision is to help people realize and maximize the value of their property and to preserve it for future generations through the most sustainable way, thereby creating value to all stake holders including society. We manage houses, lands & farms throughout Kerala. With extensive domain knowledge and expertise we can represent clients in a proactive, swift, and professional manner to maximize the value of their assets, be it home, land or farm. We provide a bespoke management service for each site, enabling flexibility as we understand that the “one size fits all’ approach does not always fit with the needs of our clients. Our focus is placed on informed and transparent management to enhance the value of your property and to preserve your memorable place for the future generations. 

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What we do ?

We have been formed of the best knowledge and experience from different domains and backed by a team of specialized experts. This has bred our core aim of being an understanding,  proactive, professional, and forward-thinking force. We offer a complete package of asset management including Home  and Premise management, Farm management, Custom care, etc. We recognize the client needs and priorities and co-create the care plan which suits them the most.


We maintain the highest standards of service for your precious assets and at the same time understand the importance of minimizing costs to maximize the value.

Why us?

What makes us stand out from the rest? After extensive research, we realized there is a need in the market for a proactive, professional but personalized property management approach, so created “Kaaryakkaran “with those core principles at the very heart of everything we do. Enhancing value for all stakeholders is our purpose and integrity is our core value. We uphold this as a pre-requisite in our relationships with all stakeholders be it our team, vendors, partners or clients. This helps us to ensure that your property is in safe hands

Our Proactive approach aims at identifying potential maintenance issues and damages in advance to minimize the loss and cost and to maximize the life of your assets. The experienced team with specialized expertise will help you to enhance the value of your property and can also help you to fetch an additional income from the property.


Kaaryakkaran brings Proactive, Professional and Personalized care. We embrace technology to provide you a Professional support. Another differentiator for us is the bespoke service under our custom care vertical. We believe in continuous improvement and always look for the opportunity to enhance our offers and the value for your money.

Environment & Sustainability

The concept of social responsibility has been replaced by sustainability for its future focus. Sustainable resources has always been a key agenda of social responsibility.

At Kaaryakkaran our business itself is about sustaining the valuable natural resources through proper care.

Sustainability is framed along the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental performance or, in other words, profit, people, and the planet.

Kaaryakkaran brings in sustainability by creating value for all through :

  • Enhancing the value of land & assets of our clients

  • Safeguarding environment by protecting the natural resource  base and declining   farm holdings

  • Increasing the quality of life for farmers, farmworkers, and society as a whole.

Preserving resources and developing agriculture continues to remain critical for the economic growth, poverty reduction, and  food security of the country.

Appoint Kaaryakkaran as your representative to partner this great cause.

Kaaryakkaran Cares

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