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Home care

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Inspection & Compliance
  • Regular scheduled inspection for encroachment/ infestation 

  • Inspection for housekeeping of the property

  • Inspection for potential damages, safety and security hazards

  • Inspection of premises/ boundary walls/ wells  etc.

  • Inspection of roof/ terrace and water tanks 

  • Payment of bills like house / property tax, maintenance bill, electricity bill, water bill, other subscription charges etc. 

  • Liaising with government departments/ agencies

Cleaning & Upkeep
  • Regular Scheduled Cleaning- Floor wiping, bathroom wiping and washing of toilets, cobweb cleaning etc.

  • Exterior Cleaning- Terrace/ roofs, car porch, portico etc.

  • Special Cleaning- Water tanks and maintaining wells, deep cleaning of interiors, wall fixtures/ furniture

  • Removal of weeds and grass from the premises

  • Termites and Pest control treatment

  • Lawn trimming and enhancement

Repairs & Maintenance
  • Plumbing- Repairing and replacement of bathroom fittings/ water pumps. installation and repairing of water filters. Installation of water tanks, repairing plumbing defects etc.

  • Electrical - Servicing and repairing of different types of electrical equipment, MCBs, light-fittings, switch replacements etc.

  • Painting & Leak proofing- Wall paint/ Waterproofing/ Wood polishing etc.

  • Carpentry/ Masonry

  • Installation and maintenance of surveillance camera with Wi-Fi  

  • Home automation

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