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Why should I choose Kaaryakkaran?


  • Kaaryakkaran will be a one stop shop for all your asset management requirements in Kerala. Our Home Care services will offer end to end support for your home, while the Farm Care services support all your property and farm requirements, under the Custom Care vertical we customize our service to meet your needs including those related to coordination with government departments, institutions, legal services, documentation support, event management etc.

  • With our expertise and capability in multiple domains we co-create the care plan which best suit your requirement and you need not trouble the relatives or friends in native any more to coordinate with multiple service providers. Just leave your challenges with us and have peace of mind.

What are the services offered by Kaaryakkaran?

We categorize our services into Home Care, Farm Care & Custom Care. Under these 3 verticals we provide total care for your property which includes:

  • Periodic inspection and reporting of any potential safety or security hazards, maintenance/ repair requirements, encroachment, or infestation

  • Cleaning and upkeep of home and premises- Different packages include regular cleaning, semi deep cleaning and deep cleaning

  • Farming, farm leasing, farming support & monitoring, land preparation, re-planting etc

  • Renovation, repairs and maintenance -civil/electrical/ plumbing/ carpentry work, painting, roofing, truss work etc

  • Care for your vehicles - Coordinate for vehicle service, battery replacement, buying & selling of vehicles etc

  • Support for liaison with government offices/ agencies, payment of utility bills, event management support etc

  • Support for legal or litigation related work, documentation, support for buying/ developing/selling property etc


We also personalize the scope of our service based on your needs. If you have other requirements to coordinate with multiple vendors or service providers, we can also be an integrator for all your property needs.

What property management experience & credentials do you offer?

Kaaryakkaran offers you the level of experience and expertise you should seek from any property management or farm management company you hire. In addition, we have the expertise in multiple domains and can be a solution provider for any of your property related challenges. Please see the “About us” page, for more details.

What is your operating model and how do you ascertain the scope of work and cost?

Based on your convenience, our experts will visit the property to assess the need. We will then present the service proposal with the scope of work and the cost. On your concurrence we finalize the service agreement and undertake the service as per the agreed schedule. We will provide regular reports and updates on your property and will also update you regularly on repairs or maintenance requirement if any. Any additional services or one-time services will be undertaken on prior agreement with you.

When we are far away how can we rely on some third party to manage our property?

At Kaaryakkaran we undertake services only if we have competence and expertise to deliver the service. We detail and present the scope of work for you to agree. We urge you to ask all your queries, clarify your doubts and get convinced about our capability to meet your requirements. In addition, you are free to check with our existing clients for reference. We also offer the photo or video coverage of service as part of our reports. We welcome your regular feedback to add more value to the service.

How informed will I be about what happens in my property?

The more you are aware of how things are going with the property, the better it is. We will send regular reports about the property. We encourage you to contact the property manager anytime you have a question or wish to discuss something. You can monitor the service on your site real time in coordination with the property manager. We can also provide you the photo or video coverage of the property and services undertaken.  

How do you make sure the staff is taking good care of my property while cleaning/farming?

Kaaryakkaran shares a complete report including photos / videos before & after cleaning the property to make sure the up keep of your property. This includes both interior and exterior inspections on the property. Inspections are based on the selection of package.


Do you also provide agricultural services?



What are the different options you provide for farm care ?

We offer different options for your farm based on your need.:

  • Farm services/ labour for your farm,

  • Supervision/ monitoring of farming

  • Pest control/ fertilisation/ harvest

  • Farm preparation and re-plantation

  • Total farm management

  • Farm leasing

 We can also co- create other options based on your need.

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